LLB, proud Wellingtonian, ex keen sports fan, now dad

I believe in ComplyWith big time, and am working hard to make it even better!


Nick did exceptional work for ComplyWith as a summer law clerk, prompting David Woodnorth to sign him upon being admitted to the bar in 2007.

Nick’s the epitome of cool under pressure. For instance, the fact that he hasn’t been able to catch a trout bigger than the first one he ever caught, in 1994, doesn’t seem to phase him in the slightest. Ask him about it.

I’ve been at ComplyWith since 2007, playing a key role in making ComplyWith what it is today.


Outside of work, Nick’s life is all about parenting and sleep – not very exciting, but then neither was sitting on the couch with a remote control in one hand and a bowl of something in the other.

Nick provides invaluable input into the development of the ComplyWith software, and assists customers with ongoing support for all our products.

Prior to becoming a dad, Nick loved to keep in shape, so worked out every chance he got – often for hours at a time!

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